"Haley is utterly the best massage therapist I know. He takes the principles and practice of therapeutic massage to a profoundly deep and intuitive level. Far from a standard spa massage, his sessions explore the root causes of muscular and fascial tension and go directly to those places with skill, awareness, and effectiveness. Time and time again, every friend, family member, or client who I have referred to see him come back incredibly grateful and amazed at his expertise." Dr. Kenda Burke, Chiropractor - Awaken Chiropractic

Russ at stop on Hopi Lands

On November 6, 2010, I was involved in a motorcycle accident on the Bay Bridge during my daily commute to San Francisco. As a result of the accident, I had major damage to my right leg including a fractured right pelvis, dislocation of the right hip, multiple compound fractures of the right Tibia, fracture of the right Fibula, and fractured right ankle.

I got connected with Haley in early 2011. The challenges that I faced were learning to walk correctly again, rebuild muscle strength in the right leg and see if there was anything I could do to reduce the neuropathy associated with nerve damage in the lower right leg. As I was regaining my normal stride, Haley would be there to help with relieving muscle stiffness and helping to keep my back aligned and correct tendencies of my body to compensate for my injured leg. Additionally, he has focussed on deep tissue work breaking up scar tissue in my lower right leg which has helped to lessen and relieve the symptoms associated with the nerve damage.

Haley has an easy way of interacting with his clients and bringing customized solutions to their individual problems. I am not sure that I have experienced how deep he can go but I know he has gone very deep into my problem areas. I may feel a little sore immediately after a session but the subsequent days have always shown improvement in the issues we are trying to address.

I fully intend to keep working with Haley to continue the work on breaking up the scar tissue in my leg with the objective of complete recovery of normal nerve function and then I would hope to continue to take advantage of his skill to give me a regular "tune-up".

Russ Pfeil


In the world today, there is so much "negative" floating around,  I thought I'd take a moment to express myself about something -- no, "someone" -- positive. I've had numerous massages in my life, and I must say, that Haley Winter, through his unique incorporation of technique and heartfelt intuition, has helped me make tremendous strides toward walking and living virtually pain-free. I had been living with back and hip pain for the past 12 years due to an injury, and Haley has been my "saving grace". I am SO excited and feel like I'm "getting my life back". He is more than just a massage therapist, he is a talented healer that sincerely cares about his clients. Thank you Haley!
Donna C.